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We have combined these rolls into one database as some individuals appear on both rolls.

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The Military Archive provides a record of information contained in the original rolls AND copy or copies in PDF format of the original roll detailing the relevant individual’s entry or entries, where applicable. We highlight ‘main’ records in the ‘Record type’ field. Lists of search results include the fields 'Unit roll on which recorded' and 'originating unit'. In most cases, the former is the unit in which served overseas and is the 'main entry'. However, if the record is an 'additional entry', we provide the 'originating unit' field to aid identification of the 'main entry', which is likely to be under the unit named in additional entries as 'originating unit'. For an example of this, please search 'J Smith', where the first result in the list of 7 results is an additional entry on the roll of the Guards Machine Gun Regiment and the originating unit is noted as 2nd Life Guards. The main entry can be seen as item 6 in the list of results, and the unit roll on which recorded is '2nd Life Guards'.

Results are provided in list form. Please note that names are followed by numbers in brackets, which are TMA record identifiers.

To see samples of a 'main record' and an 'additional record' (where applicable), please see 'Sample Records'.

For details of main and additional record types, please see 'Compiler's Notes'.

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