Murphy's Register enables users to search our index of over 250,000 records and photographs (60,000+) of individuals who served in British and Allied Forces from 1880's through to 1935, with a particular emphasis on the Great War. Where no records for individuals are identified the following sources can be eliminated from your research.

Primary Sources Indexed

Entire sources have been indexed with regards to records and photographs unless otherwise noted. Items marked with an * are made available in 'The Library'. Customers can subscribe to 'The Library' (550+ volumes currently) or purchase access to individual volumes as required.

The 1st and 2nd Battalions The Sherwood Foresters in the Great War/compiled by Colonel H C Wylly, CB
8th King's Royal Irish Hussars: Lucknow 1910 (booklet, published by PG Evrard, Paris)

*Arbroath & District Roll of Honour, 1914-1919, printed & publ. by T Buncle & Co, Arbroath
*Army List (Quarterly), to 31st December 1921, published in January 1922 (Part II, War Services of Officers of the Army, etc.)

*Australia's Fighting Sons of the Empire, publ. by Palmer & Ashworth

Birmingham Gazette, Special Issue 24th February 1920
Black & White Budget (newspaper – three odd copies, 1899 & 1900)
Bond of Sacrifice (vols I & II, photos indexed only), publ. by the Anglo African Publishing Contractors, 1915
Brighton College War Record 1914-19, printed by Farncombe's, 1920
British Jewry Book of Honour (photos indexed only), edited by Rev. Michael Adler, publ. by Caxton Publishing Co. Ltd, 1922

*The Canadian Bank of Commerce: Letters from the Front 1914-1919 (vols I, photos indexed only), edited by Charles Lyons Foster & William Smith Duthie, 1920
Craven's Part in the Great War, edited by Ald. H Keatley Moore, 1920
Croydon and the Great War 1914-1919 (photos indexed only), compiled & edited by JT Clayton
*Cunard Clerical Staff: By Land and Sea (1st edition, those who joined up in first 12 months of the Great War), publisher & printer not specified

Downside and the War 1914-1919 (photos indexed only), compiled by DL Graham, 1925
*Dulwich College War Record 1914-1919, printed by JJ Keliher & Co. Ltd, London

Eastbourne College Roll of War Service 1914-1918, printed by Cambridge University Press, 1921
Evening Times, Glasgow (newspaper)

*George Heriot's School Roll of Honour1914-1919, publ. by The War Memorial Committee, Edinburgh, 1921
Glasgow High School: Book of Service and Remembrance, edited by F Beaumont, 1921
Graphic (Daily newspaper – photos indexed to Feb 1915)
The Graphic (Weekly newspaper – photos indexed from August 1914 to December 1918)

Harrow Memorials of the Great War (vols I to V), printed by Philip Lee Warner
*Hillhead High School War Memorial Volume, published by Hillhead High School War Memorial Committee, 1921
*History of the 5th North Staffords 1914-1919 (photos indexed only), by Lieut. Walter Meakin, printed by Hughes & Harber, Ltd, 1920 
*Hornchurch during the Great War, published by Benham and Company, Ltd, Colchester, 1920

*The Inns of Court OTC During the Great War, edited by Lt Col. FHL Errington, CB, VD, printed & publ. by Printing Craft Ltd

Liber Vitae Reginensium: Queen's College, Oxford, edited by Andrew WG Gifford, 1922
List of British Officers taken POW between August 1914 and November 1918, published by Cox & Co, 1919

*List of Etonians Who Fought in the Great War, 1914-1919

*Livepool College Boys and the European War, 1914-1915, publ. December 1915
Lloyd's War Memorial 1914-1919, printed by Lloyd's, Royal Exchange, London

Memorials of Masonians Who Fell in the Great War, publ. by George W Jones, London, 1922
*Memorials of Old Birkonians, who fell in the Great War, 1914-1918, printed by Henry Young & Sons Ltd, 1920
*A Memorial Record of the Men of Greenock Who Fell in the Great War, publ. by the War Memorial Committee, 1924
*Methodist College Belfast 1868-1938 (vol II, photos indexed only), edited by JW Henderson, 1939
MI5 Chronological List of Staff to 31st December, 1919
The Military Archive's private collection of group and individual photographs and postcards (over 400 items detailing 1000 individuals)

The National Roll of the Great War (vol II only)
*National Union of Teachers War Record 1914-1919, 1920
Navy & Army 1903 (newspaper, photos indexed only)
*Neill's “Blue Caps” (Royal Dublin Fusiliers: vol 3:1914-1922, photos indexed only), by Col. HC Wylly, CB
News of the World: ‘Our Band of Brothers', published by News of the World, 12 Nov. 2006
*Northamptonshire and the Great War 1914-1918 (1st ed.), by WH Holloway, OBE, printed by The Northamptonshire Independent
North of Scotland Bank Ltd War Record 1914-1918 (photos indexed only), printed by Aberdeen Newspapers, Ltd

Old Georgia's Roll of Honour and Record of Service 1914-1919, printed by Jeffery, Harpenden
*Oundle Memorials of the Great War 1914-1919
Our Heroes, originally printed and publ. in 1916
*Oxford University Roll of Service, edited by ES Craig, printed by Oxfordshire University Press, 1920
(indexed: University, Balliol, Merton, Exeter, Oriel & Queen's Colleges)

*Pals at Suvla Bay (‘D' Company, 7th Royal Dublin Fusiliers), by H Hanna, 1916
*The Pipes of War, by Brevet Col. Sir Bruce Seton, Bart of Abercorn, CB and Pipe Major John Grant, printed by Maclehose, Jackson & Co., 1920

*Record of the 4th Royal Irish Dragoon Guards in the Great War, 1914-1918
*Records (1909-1922) of the Ramsgate County School for Boys (now Chatham House School), (extracted Roll of Honour & War Service, photos indexed only), compiled by HC Barnard & FN Taylor, publ. by Chatham House, Ramsgate, 1923
*A Register of the Choristers' School Salisbury,  1810-1921
*Roll of Honour (De Ruvigny's) (vols 1-V, photos only indexed), compiled by Marquis of Ruvigny
*Royal Grammar School, Newcastle-upon-Tyne: In Memoriam 1914-1918, printed & publ. by The Northumberland Press Ltd
Royal High School (Edinburgh): Roll of Honour 1914-1918, edited by WCA Ross, 1920
*Rugby Football Internationals Roll of Honour, by EHD Sewell, 1919

Scottish Co-Operative Wholesale Society Roll of Honour 1914-1919
Short History of the London Rifle Brigade, publ. by Gale & Polden Ltd, 1916
Soldiers of the Great War (vols I & II), compiled by WM Haulsee, FG Howe and AC Doyle, publ. by Soldiers Record Publishing Association, Washington DC, 1920
*Some Chaplains in Khaki, by Frederic C Spurr
South Pacific Mail War Memorial Number, publ. in Valparaiso, Chile, 1920
Souvenir and Histroy of the 2nd Volunteer Battalion, Manchester Regiment 1904
Sphere (Daily newspaper, from August 1914 to December 1919, photos indexed only)
Stand To: A Diary of the Trenches 1915-1918, by Capt. FC Hitchcock, MC, 1937
*St. Savour's School, Ardingly Roll of Honour 1914-1918, printed by Charles Clarke (Hayward's Heath) Ltd, 1920
*The Stock Exchange Memorial of Those Who Fell in the Great War 1914-1919, printed by Philip Lee Warner, London, 1920
Sword of the North: Highland Memories of the Great War (photos indexed only), by Dugald MacEchern, 1923

*‘The Roads' Souvenir Album 1916-1919 (Roads Directorate), compiled by Creswell & Scott, London
The Territorial Services Gazette (newspaper, indexed from April to June 1915)
The Times History of the Great War (13 vols – photos only of VC winners indexed)
To What End Did They Die: Officers Died at Gallipoli, by RW Walker, 1985
Tonbridge School and the Great War 1914-1919 (photos indexed only), publ. by Tonbridge School and printed by Whitefriars Press, 1923

The Vanished Army, by Tim Carew, 1964
*The V.C. and D.S.O./by Sir O'Moore Creagh, VC, and EM Humphris (vol III indexed)

University College School, Hampstead: Roll of Honour and War List 1914-1918 (photos indexed only), compiled by CR Cockman & CRL Thomas

*University of Aberdeen Roll of Service in the Great War 1914-1919 (photos indexed only), edited by Mabel Desborough Allardyce, printed by Aberdeen University Press, 1921
*University of Edinburgh Roll of Honour 1914-1919 (photos indexed only), edited by Major John E Mackenzie, printed & published by Oliver and Boyd, London, 1921

War Illustrated - Album de Luxe (vols I to VI), edited by JA Hammerton, publ. by Amalgamated Press
War Memorials: Dragon School, Oxford, printed by University Press, Oxford, 1992
War Record of the Northern Assurance Co. Ltd 1914-1918, edited by CH Leach, 1919
War Service of the Staff of Coutts & Co. in the Great War 1914-1918, 1922
Watsonian War Record 1914-1918 (photos indexed only), publ. by the War Memorial Executive, 1920
*William Graham & Co.: Records of Partners, Staff and Operatives Who Participated in The Great War 1914-1919, printed 1920
With the Ulster Division in France: Story of the 11th Royal Irish Rifles (photos indexed only), by API Samuels
*Wykehamists Who Died in the War 1914-1918 (alls vols, I to IV), printed by Warren & Sons Ltd