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'Murphy's Register' is unique and only available via The Military Archive.

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Searching Murphy's Register
Online searches can be made by individual's last name, with or without initials. Searches will result in a list of possible matches and preliminary details to aid identification. Registered Free Users may purchase records at the introductory offer price of 99p. Subscribers will have unlimited access to all records and source details. To register or subscribe, please click here.

All details are as provided in the original source, although in some cases we may have added some details to facilitate identification, e.g. date of death or unit. In many instances, photographs accompany records and biographies in the original source and these can be provided, where copyright permits. Copies of the record and/or photograph identified can be purchased. Please go to Copying Services for more information.

We have also provided a field in 'Murphy's Register' records, which indicates whether the original source is available in 'The Library'. Where these volumes are available in 'The Library, customers will be able to purchase direct access to complete, original source material, and, in effect, build their own libraries. For more details, please go to 'The Library'.

Remember to login first. Then, enter details as required below. Your search will result in a list of matches or a 'No matches to your search' response.

For further details regarding 'Murphy's Register', please see 'Sources', 'Compiler's Notes' and 'Sample Records'. Our 'Records' section provides samples of full Murphy's Register records. 

We currently provide three levels of access to Murphy's Register.

Registered Free Users

Registration will enable you to search by last name, with or without initials. Results of free searching are limited to identifying those records in the database which correspond with the search made. The fields shown in results will include last name and initials only. To search free, you will need to register and receive a password. To REGISTER, please click here


Subscription allows unlimited access to all records indexed in the database and provides details of the original source. To SUBSCRIBE, please click here.


The Membership subscription option no longer exists, but existing members may continue to use the database and review its contents as before.


Please see our payment and access information for details of all our Subscriptions